The Newborn Play Set

Months 0-2

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The Newborn Play Set

Months 0-2

As a newborn, your baby is already starting to perceive the world around them, including light and sound. This Play set is designed to support their cognitive development by providing high-contrast images and black-and-white sensory mobiles.

✔️ Create new neural pathways in their brain
✔️ Learn to process their new environment
✔️ Explore high contrast black and white shapes

This box includes visual and tactile mobiles that hang from the ceiling. If you would like a mobile hanger, have a look at the Play Gym here.
When to start

Start The Newborn Set as soon as your baby is born. Your baby is currently developing their vision and hearing skills at this stage.

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    The Newborn Play Set - Montiplay
    The Newborn Play Set
    The Newborn Play Set - Montiplay
    The Newborn Play Set - Montiplay
    The Newborn Play Set - Montiplay
    The Newborn Play Set - Montiplay
    The Newborn Play Set

    What's in the box

    Spiral Mobile

    The mobile gently awakens the senses as it swirls, soothes and stimulates brain connections. Air naturally moves the mobile at a slow speed evoking concentration and creating an appropriate level of challenge.

    Complex Cards

    Provide visual stimulation with more complex black-and-white shapes and develop cognitive skills

    Bouncing Ring

    Hang the bouncing ring when your baby starts reaching for objects a great introduction to cause and effect as the elastic ring bounces away when they pull!

    Card Holder

    Make tummy time more fun wherever you are-folds for easy storage

    Simple Cards

    Black and white images provide sensory stimulation, helping your baby build tracking skills

    Bunny Teether

    Build sensory, speech, and oral development with soothing bamboo & cotton blend cloths and crinkly paper!

    Silicone Teether

    Mouthing objects helps your baby get ready for speaking and new textures

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    "This mobile helps my daughter work on her visual discrimination skills. The slight change in color is both intriguing and beautiful. This has definitely been Harper’s favorite mobile so far."

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