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Great news mama, our sets are yours to keep! Our focus on quality means you can pass them down to future little ones too. Unlike a rental service, with Monti Play you do not have to return any of them to us. Your children will continue to enjoy our toys for months and years to come. Once your child outgrows their toys, you can also opt-in to our Toys Donation.

We know your child will love their toys for years to come and remain in your toy rotation until at least age 3. Once your child outgrows their toys, we offer a Toys Donation Program, supporting refugee children throughout Lebanon. The program brings early education to children in need, because we believe every child deserves access to quality educational materials.

We’re on a mission to change the world of parenting. Here’s how our subscription works:
Step 1: Parents enter child’s birthday.
Step 2: Receive a box of brain development toys every 2-3 months, fit for their exact stage.
Step 3: Our app gives you play ideas, development info and access to community all from the palm of your hand.

To subscribe, head to gift a one off box at

Your subscription continues until we no longer offer products suitable for your child’s age or if you decide to cancel. At present our subscription program caters for children aged 0-36 months.

Although we do not recommend it since our playsets are particularly designed for your child’s successive stages of development, skipping a playset is up to you.
All you have to do is contact our customer experience team by sending an email to and they will arrange for it to happen.

Since our playsets are based on your child’s age, the best solution is for you to have 2 separate subscriptions. Once your youngest reaches the age of his sibling’s (when you first subscribed), you can cancel this subscription and continue receiving the sets for your eldest while your little one is enjoying the older toys.

We're sorry to hear that you are no longer interested in learning with Montiplay!
Before you decide to cancel your subscription, we want to assure you that the Montiplay experience matches your child's needs and individual timeline. Your shipment dates are flexible and you can adjust them at any time to receive your next shipment earlier or later. We are also happy to schedule a one-on-one video call between you and one of our Montessori educators if you need additional support in using these materials.
If you would like to cancel, you can do this from within your Montiplay account by visiting your “My Account” and clicking "Cancel Subscription.


Montessori baby toys are simple, educational and allow children to explore cause and effect. They invite investigation and self-correction without being overstimulating.

Montessori toys are designed to meet your child’s developmental milestones and to provide just the right amount of challenge, without being overstimulating. They are based on the time-tested, research-backed Montessori method. Some unique characteristics include:

Engaging: Montessori toys are not built to entertain your baby. They are intentionally crafted to engage his curiosity, creativity, and problem-solving skills.

Control of error: Montessori toys include features that help children self-correct. This encourages your baby to repeat and gain the benefits of problem-solving independently, such as strengthening concentration and developing self-confidence.

Simplicity: Montessori toys are made of natural materials without lights, sounds, and too many bright colors or patterns. This allows children to focus as they play without being distracted or overstimulated. And enables you to help build their vocabulary.

Isolation of difficulty: This encourages your child to practice existing skills while tackling one new concept at a time. Meaning your baby can challenge himself without getting overwhelmed.

Progressive levels of challenge: The toys are designed to grow with your baby from infancy through to the toddler years. As she learns, she will discover new ways to play that will stretch her skills. Montessori toys are introduced in sequence because the skills build upon one another.

We did the work so you don’t have to worry about milestones. Our proprietary Montessori-inspired program is tailored to your child’s developmental needs. All we need is their birthday or due date.
Plus, each Play Set has been tested by over 100 families worldwide, ensuring they’re age-appropriate, engaging and universally appealing.

Yes! We’ve worked hard to ensure our toys meet the highest standards of safety & quality. Our wooden toys are hand-crafted in Lebanon and China from FSC certified wood, using baby-safe non-toxic paint and finishes. All the materials used comply with global toy safety standards.

We craft 95% of our toys from wood to provide you with beautiful heirloom toys that will last for years to come. The other 5% of our toys include other materials depending on their function. If you have more questions about the materials we choose and why, please reach out to our team by emailing

Before introducing the toys for the first time, wipe them clean with a damp cloth. To clean your wooden toys, wipe them down with a damp cloth, and only, if necessary, use a mild soap. Wooden toys are absorbent and because our finishes, paints and stains are water based (so that they are 100% non-toxic), it is also important you thoroughly dry your toys immediately after cleaning. We do not recommend soaking Montiplay toys, abrasive cleaners, or scrubbing.

The Play Sets are based on the accredited 0 – 3 Montessori curriculum used in schools around the world for over 100 years.  Each Set builds upon skills learnt in the stage prior, ensuring an age-appropriate level of challenge at every development stage.

While the toys in each playset are introduced over a two/three-month period, your baby will continue to benefit for months and even years to come.

All Montiplay toys are sold as part of our educational program, with timelines, guides, and videos backed up by decades of research from experts in education and Montessori educators. We do host giveaways, and share excellent Montessori content, as well as adorable baby pictures with our community on our Instagram& Facebook, but at this time we are unable to sell toys a la carte.

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