The Wriggler Play Set

Months 3-4

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The Wriggler Play Set

Months 3-4

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As your baby grows and becomes more socially aware, they may begin to recognize your face and respond with sounds and smiles. This Play Set is specially designed to support their exploration of the world through their mouth, eyes, and hands.

✔️ Strengthen oral motor skills

✔️ Encourage social development

✔️ Practice using both sides of the brain

By engaging with the activities in this kit, your baby can make the most of tummy time, all while their unique personality continues to emerge.

When to Start

Start The Wriggler Set when your child is reaching for objects purposefully, swinging their arms to grab things they see with the aim of reaching them.

    The Wriggler Play Set
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    The Wriggler Play Set - Montiplay

    What's in the box

    Organic Cotton High Contrast Ball

    A perfect black-and-white contrast sensorial experience for tiny feet, easy for babies to grasp, pass between hands, and roll around.

    Panda Tumble

    Watch your baby's delight when shaking this cute panda rattle.

    Interlocking Discs

    Hand-to-hand transfer develops the right and left sides of the brain encouraging cross-body coordination

    Soft Tactile Book

    Enhance the connection between the sense of touch and sight with bright colors, soft fabrics, textures and unlimited visual card options to grow with your baby!

    Montessori Wood Rattle

    Improves your child's grip strength and helps them discover cause and effect!

    Complex High Contrast Cards

    Provide visual stimulation with more complex black-and-white shapes and develop cognitive skills

    Rolling Bell Rattle

    Experiment with senses by engaging touch, sight, and hearing.

    Music Maracas

    A fun and colorful toy that stimulates your baby's vision, grip strength, and hearing.

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    "The soft book is amazing - what an ingenious thing for tiny hands learning to grab!! My 3 month old baby really liked the set. By the way, the delivery also took place earlier than expected. I am very satisfied!"

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