Traveling with Toddlers: Montessori Tips for Stress-Free Family Vacations

Parents, summer has sprung! We all know what that means: travel, vacation, and sandy toes. As parents ourselves, we know that traveling with your little one isn’t a walk in the park. But hey, if you've got everything set up the Montessori way, you can kiss that stress goodbye and enjoy a smooth sailing travel experience. 

mom playing with child montessori toys

Involve your child with planning 

Montessori believes that the child deserves so much respect, so why not involve your child in the planning? Yes, you heard it right. Get them all pumped up by asking where they'd like to go. It's time to unleash their imagination! See what they think of the destination. 

And here's a cool trick: create a visual masterpiece of the travel's sequence of events. Draw it out together, step by step, so they can get familiar with what's coming their way. 

Maintain the routine

Another way to achieve a stress-free summer vacation is by maintaining routines. It’s easy to be swept away by laid-back vibes, but when it comes to your little one's routines, consistency is key, even in the land of summer freedom. So, let's keep things timely and maintain those routines like pros! By replicating their usual rhythm, you're setting them up for a smooth transition when the summer fun comes to an end. So, keep those bedtimes intact, stick to meal schedules, and let the routines roll. You'll thank yourself when it's time to slide back into normal life seamlessly. 

child playing with montessori toys

Engage them purposefully

With Montiplay by your side, your child will be happily occupied with the perfect tools throughout the entire trip. We're talking about a treasure trove of goodies designed for different age groups and purposes. Picture this: lock boxes to let them wander freely in their own world, and slide ball runs to teach them all about object permanence. It's like a magical toolbox filled with purposeful play. 

Test out real life scenarios with practical life sets

Another fun idea is to put your little one’s practical life skills to the test with some real-life scenarios. Allow your child to take charge of preparing their own outfits and become the trendsetter of the trip. Next, allow them to arrange those plates and utensils like a pro! And guess what? You can even use a helping hand with meal preps. Get those little chef hats on and chop, mix, and stir up some deliciousness. 

Now, if you're facing a bit of trouble with the grown-up tools, like knives, no worries! You've got the incredible practical life set by your side, which is the ultimate set to support your child’s independence during the family vacation.

child playing with mom montessori toys

Be mindful to your child’s needs

Parents must keep in mind that after all the summer mess and excitement, they might just need some downtime to unwind. So, give them the space they need to rest and recharge. Silent hours are golden, let their minds wander and provide them with an outlet for self-expression. Whether it's through art, journaling, or simply daydreaming, give them the freedom to explore and process their thoughts and emotions. Create those peaceful moments, watch them thrive, and enjoy the beauty of their blossoming imagination. 

On a final note...

And that's a wrap! With these Montessori travel tips, get ready for a journey filled with laughter, wonder, and countless "wow" moments. 

Finally, if you're looking to level up your child's vacation and take their playtime to the next level, head to the Montiplay website and check out our practical play set, lock box, plate mat, wooden toddler knife, and many other Montessori travel essentials!