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Montessori Placemat

In Montessori, children are given as many real experiences as possible when it comes to eating - they are given the chance to eat at a real table, with real dishes, and the chance to feed themselves - even when they are babies!

Giving them the right materials early on helps to provide the path to independent eating. A placemat may not seem like much, but it provides your child with the chance to use real materials and know where to place them - it speaks to their sense of order and gives them (or prepares them for) the ability to set the table. Practically, it can also make eating easier by keeping plates/bowls cups from sliding around. 

Now, there are tons of commercially available Montessori placemats. But we wanted to make our placemats easy, accessible, and free! 

All you need to do is print the pdf below and and add laminate, a DIY experience!

We hope you love your new placemat <3 


Download Placemat Printable