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Why Montessori Environment is the Best for Your Child. Get to Know our 4 Principles

Parents are always looking for ways to prepare their children’s best play area to learn and engage with purposeful fun. This might be your case where you’re trying to choose the right toys and choose the best environment to cultivate. Well, it is time to step up for a Montessori prepared environment to get the most of your space for your child! Simply put, building a Montessori infant environment will help with your child’s concentration, self-exploration, order, and independence, so let’s delve deeper into that. 

Enhancing their concentration

Focusing and concentrating can be a challenge for babies due to their developing brains and natural curiosity. Babies are easily distracted and their attention spans are relatively short, which can make it difficult for them to sustain their focus on one task or object. 

Additionally, their sensory experiences are constantly changing as they explore the world around them, which can further interrupt their concentration. 

A Montessori solution that can help babies focus and concentrate is to provide them with a calm and uncluttered environment. 

Babies can easily become overwhelmed and distracted by too much visual and auditory stimulation. Parents and caregivers can start by selecting a specific area of the home for the baby's play space, and keeping it free of non-essential items. 

By creating a calm and organized environment for the baby to play and explore, parents can help to promote their developing ability to focus and concentrate, while also reducing potential sources of stress and over-stimulation.


Fostering their independence

Children require constant help and attention from parents and caregivers, which can be a challenging aspect of early parenthood.

Montessori toys are simple and easy for children to use without constant guidance from parents. 

They are made from natural materials with minimalist designs that encourage independent play, promoting the development of problem-solving skills and creativity. Providing children with Montessori toys can foster independence and self-sufficiency, freeing up time and energy for parents.

Promoting creativity and self-exploration

Complicated toys discourage open-ended play and limit a child's imagination as they often have a specific purpose or function that the child is expected to follow. Children may become too reliant on the toy to provide them with entertainment; thus killing the child’s creativity to self-explore.

Montessori toys promote the development of a child's senses, motor skills, and understanding through natural and age-appropriate methods. They help children better understand their environment, develop cognitive abilities, and learn concepts such as shapes, sizes, and quantities. These toys are often used with other activities to create a holistic learning experience, encouraging children to learn at their own pace and understand their surroundings more deeply.


Mother playing with her kid with Montessori toys in Montessori environment

Encouraging their security, safety, and confidence

A clumsy lifestyle with your children can cause them to feel insecure and lacking in confidence. They may experience frequent accidents and injuries, which can lead to feelings of anxiety and uncertainty. A Montessori solution is to create an organized and safe environment that prioritizes order, safety, and security. 


Montessori classrooms are child-friendly with low shelves and clear pathways, promoting safety. The classroom’s activities help develop motor skills and coordination, promoting a sense of mastery and confidence, independence, and overall well-being. 


On a final note...

To encourage independent play and child-led learning, it's important to choose Montessori toys that match your child's age and developmental stage while aligning with their interests and abilities. Eco-friendly materials like natural wood or organic cotton can also be considered. 

Some great suggestions of Montessori products available at Montiplay which foster confidence, creativity, and independence are the sliding top box, cylinder drop, counting toy, lacing toy, and building our skyline

Just wait until you see how many skylines your child can build in different timings of the day! Watch how your child can change between day and night!