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What Must I Know About the Planes of Development?

Dr. Maria Montessori outlined four consecutive planes - or stages - of development from birth to maturity. Each plane spans approximately six years. 

At each plane of development, children and young people display intellectual powers, social orientations, and creative potential unique to that stage. 

Each plane is characterized by the way children learn in that stage, building on the achievements of the plane before.


How children learn in the first six years:

The first plane of development is the period from birth to approximately age six. 

During this stage, children are sensory explorers, learning to become functionally independent in their immediate environment and community. 

Children at this stage construct their intellect by absorbing every aspect of their environment, language, and culture.

How can we prepare for each stage? 

Nature unfolds according to the environment it's in. We can help our children thrive by:

1. Offering toys and tools that meet our child's interests, needs, and potential of each developmental stage. 


2. Enabling independent exploration and self-directed learning


3. Preparing a safe space that enables unrestricted movement and freedom of choice


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