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Building Effective Communication

Communication is a connection. It’s important to give and take. As a parent you acknowledge the communication by responding, either by copying, smiling or replying with words. There’s a place for light conversation in daily life but there are also those times when your child needs for you to tune in and listen more deeply.⁠

Your child won’t tell you this but they need for you to probe into their inner life on occasion to find out what they are thinking and feeling. Not only will this help them and you make more sense of their emotions but it will also strengthen your relationship with them. They will intuitively sense that you understand them better because you took the time and energy to really care.⁠

Listen with your whole body. Give them your full attention. Face them, make eye contact, kneel down to get on your child’s level to show that they are important, you are listening to them and that you truly care.⁠