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Book Rotation: Why and How?

Most of us are familiar with the concept of toy rotation brought to us by Montessori, but have you also considered rotating your books? Book rotation is a practice inspired by Montessori's toy rotation. 

Here are some great reasons to consider bringing this practice into your own home! 

  • You make the most out of your books, saving you from buying a new collection of books every week. 
  • Your child is encouraged to read new books other than the ones he keeps reaching out for. 
  • Your library remains interesting and exciting for your little one. 

We broke down the process of book rotation into 3 simple steps for you to follow! 

  1. Set out a day and time for your book rotation. We suggest having it as a monthly ritual.
  2. Categorize your books based on season, holidays, child's developmental stage and place them in separate storages, out of sight from your child.
  3. When rotating the books, engaged your child by deciding on some of the books. This can greatly increases their interest! In practice, a portion of the books would be from the categorized section and the remaining portion would be up to your child's preference! You can create your own system here - whatever works with you and your baby. 

Our Montessori Beach Wood Bookshelf is perfect for displaying your little one's books in a forward facing manner - making it inviting and exciting for your child to independently reach out for their books! 

Not sure which books to include? Head over to our Montessori Books Collection and choose the appropriate book for your child.