5 Play Ideas Using Animal Figurines and Cards

There many ways in which you can integrate miniature animal figurines into your toddler's play!


You're not only teaching them about the different types of animals, you're also working on their other developing skills. 


Here are some play ideas using your Animal Figures Play Set.


Shadow Drawing


Take the animal figures outside in the sun, place them on a blank sheet of paper, give your child a pencil and let them draw the figures! This will help your child recognizes to basic concepts of physics - when the sun moves, the shadow moves too.

shadow drawing animal figures


‚Ā†Memory Game


Print two sets of the animal cards and create a memory game! This can be a fun activity for the whole family on a game night. This sharpens their memory skills, attention span, and concentration.

memory game animal figures




As pretend play and storytelling starts to develop so does your child's imagination and ability to express themselves. Create fun stories with these animal figures! Storytelling develops language and imagination. 

storytelling animal figurines




Print out a a paper with different animal images in blocks then invite your child to match the image with the animal card or figure.

matching game animal cards




Have several labeled baskets for grouping. Grouping can happen by size, color, farm animals vs safari animals, herbivores vs omnivores vs carnivores ... so many options here! Both matching and sorting activities help your child recognize differences through utilizing their visual skills and develop their fine motor skills. 

sorting game animal figurines


Get your Montiplay Animal Figures Play Set and a FREE Animal Cards Printable and enjoy endless play ideas with your little one!