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5 Benefits of Bringing Music to Children

"There should be music in the child's environment, just as there does exist in the child's environment spoken speech." - Maria Montessori 

Introducing musical instruments at an early age can have tremendous benefits on your baby's brain! 

  • A Great Opportunity to Introduce Your Little One to Different Cultures

Different instruments coming from different cultures take our kids on a trip around the world! By experiencing different cultures, they become open-minded thinkers, boosting their tolerance and compassion toward others. 

  • Develops a Child’s Auditory Sense

This can help them sharpen their auditory skills by better identifying different sounds, pitches, and tones. 

  • Teaches Them Non-verbal Communication 

Music is the perfect tool in which your child can use to express themselves, when their capacity to express verbally has not been fully developed yet. 

  • Enhances Brain Development  

Studies have shown that music can improve several aspects of brain development such as language acquisition, reading, and mathematical skills. This cognitive development occurs as a result of the stimulation of nerve connection between brain sells. 

  • Improves Academic Performance

Music has been linked to increased literacy and mathematical skills and overall brain development which is likely to be reflected your child's academic performance. 


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