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Yara Nimr

Initially, I was unsure about the benefits of toys as my first baby didn't seem very interested in them. But then I joined the community and had a chance to learn about how my baby was developing and tried it with my second then saw the magic! I was amazed at how attentive Kayan was to the black-and-white contrast cards during the photoshoot and we've been hooked since!


Tonie Abi Nader

I'm so glad I got to start Montiplay from the very beginning with my second! He is such an explorer and a free spirit and I love watching his progress and learning about his interests with every Play Set!


Samia Kallidis

I 100% recommend Montiplay to every parent and family! Their playset curation is so great and I love that it's developmentally relevant making it so easy to keep my baby stimulated. The design, philosophy and customer service is all amazing. 🙌 So glad I found them.

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