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Financial Operations 

Montiplay is an ecommerce edtech platform that requires management of financial operations to provide strategic direction and oversight of revenue cycle, work processes and outcomes. We need to identify and provide solutions for areas of high risk in the revenue cycle and cashflow to determine the budget required for upcoming orders from manufacturers to maintain inventory and the budget required to maintain running expenses - software subscriptions and payroll.

The Finance Operations department needs to supervise budget development, financial reporting and systems management, as well as finance staff, while driving business processes to improve efficiency and meet organization goal. They will be responsible for managing internal systems used for recording revenue and compliance with tax and regulatory requirements. Currently we are using Quickbooks and have outsourced an accounting firm to perform our day to day / month to month bookkeeping including setup.

Each team member begins with learning about our business cycle from manufacturer to end user and getting accustomed with our business model to identify areas of improvement.

  • [ ] Review our financials and accounting in Quickbooks from date of setup and monitor spendings over given period of time and ensure spending remains on track with Financial Model forecast.
  • [ ] Manage and oversee financial, accounting and business planning activities: strategy, targets, planning, budgets, monitoring, controls, management and reporting, including management and development of policies, systems, processes and personnel involved
  • [ ] Conduct finance audit periodically and recommend improvements - Regularly monitor current account to ensure cashflow for upcoming orders (quantity depending on forecasts) and running expenses is sufficient for a period of 6 months.
  • [ ] Manage and oversee logistics: supply chain, planning, optimization, inventory and order management and control, monitoring servicing levels. Import/export administration, storages, and insurances.
  • [ ] Manage and oversee procurement: procurement process, purchasing payment policy and control. Corporate level negotiations (suppliers, office, warehouse, insurances, etc.)
  • [ ] Manage and oversee the Human Resource function: planning, budgeting, developing and implementing strategy for HR management and development in line with budgets and targets.
  • [ ] Participate in recruitment activities as well as initiate the performance development training programs.
  • [ ] Ensure each person on the team is performing to highest achievement of KPIs and review performance to adjust payroll and potential vested equity proposal.
  • [ ] Maintaining and monitoring staffing, levels, knowledge and skills, expectations and motivation to fulfil organizational requirements
  • [ ] Manage and oversee budgets of various departments of the company and analyze return on investment to continuously improve allocation of funds to highest performing departments.

Each of our team members is required to familiarize with the following systems and tools -

  • GSuite
  • Notion
  • Slack
  • Shopify
  • Quickbooks
  • Tap Payments
  • Banking Portals
  • Alibaba Dashboard
  • Zendesk
  • Hubspot
  • Zoho Inventory Management


Operations Assistant 

Our team must have knowledge of the startup scene and the flexibility it requires to be part of a startup. Besides our designated role, we wear all the hats to make things work!

Mainly we are looking for someone who can help us do the following

  • Source products from various suppliers, order samples, select best supplier based on cost and quality.
  • Document all supplier info and sample orders, account for backup suppliers.
  • Follow shipping documentations, custom clearance, payments, and delivery to warehouse.
  • Arranging of documentations of items and inventory.
  • Overseeing categorization of products at warehouse and confirm orders are packed and ready to sell.
  • Keep inventory count and analyze sales patterns to predict timely placement of orders with suppliers for next shipments.


Ecommerce Customer Service Representative

Job description:

In this Ecommerce and After-sales role, you will be a primary contact by phone or email for customer inquiries about our products and brand.

Main Responsibilities:

  • Provide knowledgeable answers to customer phone and e-mail inquiries regarding products and brand
  • Assist clients on order-on-line
  • Deal with orders in the back office and liaise with logistics
  • Follow-up on orders and liaise with customers, retail, repair services, buyers, etc
  • Follow-up on all customer requests to ensure the brand provides the highest level of customer service in the industry
  • Manage ongoing customer relationships utilizing our CRM tools
  • Develop collaborative, positive working relationships with staff at our traditional boutiques
  • Assist customers with after-sales service issues
  • Be a primary contact for customer inquiries about our products and brand.
  • Able to communicate concisely our company policies to client
  • Maintain and update regular client correspondence

Job requirements:

  • Minimum of 2 years experience in customer service preferably for an ecommerce company.
  • Must be a sales-oriented person.
  • Quick learner with the ability to absorb extensive information on our brand's history, product offerings and communications/advertising program
  • Outstanding written and verbal communication skills, great phone etiquette and elevated speech
  • Proactive personality and self-motivator
  • Demonstrates initiative with the ability to multi-task and detail oriented in a fast paced environment
  • Proven to be organized, methodical, rigorous
  • Strong computer skills in Hubspot applications and the ability to learn new applications quickly
  • Team player able to develop great relations with co-workers

Every child deserves the chance to live up to their full potential

Montiplay started with two parents who grew up in Europe but are originally from Syria where children did not have the same opportunities that they did.

Aziza set her mind to ensuring every child in under-developed countries has equal access to education as children in developed countries. For over ten years she consulted governments, the private sector, and nonprofits on designing programs that provide access to job opportunities, primary and higher education in marginalized communities.

Ayham grew up in Germany and is an avid technologist. After completing his academic journey in computer science and management information systems, he founded his first company AlphaApps that employs and trains hundreds of coders in developing countries.

When they became parents to Layla, they restlessly looked for ways in which they could best support her development. Like all parents, they wanted to make sure she has the best start in life - especially knowing that the brain grows to 80% of its size in the first three years. Making the early years, the most critical ones.

After taking courses and sourcing educational material, they realized that early childhood learning - the building blocks of later success in life - is only accesible to few. And even though they now lived in Dubai, they realized that children growing up in the Gulf face their own set of challenges.

So they set out to democratize early childhood development and help build the human capital of the world, starting with the emerging markets which need it the most.

The vision of Montiplay is to be the one stop shop for early brain development resources.

The mission is to provide every parent with access to information about their child's development that is simplified, credible, structured and affordable.

For all the parents around the world, this is from us to you. Our hope is to enable every child to live up to their full potential.

Warmly, Aziza and Ayham