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Knowing When To Intervene During an Activity

When a child is doing an activity, try to stay in the background, available, but without intervening when they are concentrated in order not to interrupt the cycle of their activity and prevent its full development. Make them feel that you trust them to help them develop a positive self-esteem.⁠

It is essential to focus on a fundamental aspect: the way in which the adult perceives the child, always remember that they're competent.⁠
Kids who feel good about themselves have the confidence to try new things. They are more likely to try their best. They feel proud of what they can do. Self-esteem helps kids cope with mistakes. It helps them try again, even if they fail at first. ⁠

The child has a rhythm of their own, their own intelligence, and our role as parents and educators, is to allow them to progress while respecting their abilities. Observation is essential to allow the educator to adapt the environment and their posture according to the child's needs. This way, they can determine in which stage the child is. This avoids putting the child in an uncomfortable situation, a position that they do yet not know how to take on their own. Let them reach the different motor stages at their own pace, this will give the child a feeling of confidence in their personal abilities.⁠