3 unexpected reasons the way we parent matters

Being conscious of how we parent, the words we say and the impressions we give, means more in this stage of life than any other. 

Let's take a look at the brain science behind why:

  1. The core structure of the brain is formed in the first three years. By age three, the brain has established a pattern of processing information that will be used throughout life. 

  2. Your child's early experiences affect the quality of their brain architecture, forming the foundation upon which future development rests. 

  3. Early experiences have a greater impact on the developing brain because new experiences are stored in relation to previous ones.

In Dr Maria Montessori words, 'education is acquired not by listening to words but by experiences in the environment.'


Experiential learning helps your child better understand concepts, better retain information and successfully apply knowledge throughout life. 


As parents, we can facilitate experiential learning by creating the right environment for our child to absorb, get curious and learn.


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