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Customer Service

Shipa Delivery, (the trusted logistics partner of Montiplay LTD), will get delivery confirmation from end clients by making contact through text messages.

Two consecutive days of follow up text messages will be sent to the end client in case the initial contact was unsuccessful.

If remained uncontactable/unavailable, the Customer Service Team will get in contact with the Customer in order to get further instructions.

Cancelled / Rejected Orders (at Doorstep)

In case the customer cancels the order before the delivery has been scheduled, Shipa Delivery will not apply delivery charges for that specific order. If the Customer cancelled the order after it has been scheduled for delivery, a Cancelled/ Rejected Delivery Charge will be applied for this transaction.

If the customer has rejected the order during the point of sale; or when courier arrives at the doorstep, this transaction is considered as complete and a standard Delivery fee will still apply. 

Returned Orders

Shipa Delivery will only collect a return order from the cusotmer after they have acknowledged and signed the receipt of a shipment, Montiplay LTD has approved and communicated the return to be scheduled and the cusotmer's details to Shipa Delivery.

Failed Pick-Up

Shipa Delivery reserves the right to charge for a Reverse Pick Up request from a specific place, whereby the Driver has arrived at pickup location but collection was unsuccessful due to unavailability of the person or package at the time of collection.

Driver’s Waiting Time.

Shipa Delivery driver has a maximum waiting time of 5 minutes during pickup or delivery.

Shipa Delivery reserves the right to charge the Customer if the collection failed due to exceeding the waiting time. 

By using this website,  you are agreeing to SHIPA Delivery Terms and Conditions as laid out above and also available on the SHIPA Delivery website at

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